Slighter App

Learning Phase

Let Slighter learn your habit while you discover more about your smoking behavior. User smokes as usual during a period of 7 days while Slighter will monitor and register the user’s smoking habits.

Step 1

Set Up Your Profile

Let us know more about you and your smoking habits.

Step 3

Let Slighter Learn

Slighter begins collecting and analyzing your data from day one until you reach your goal.

Step 5

Choose Your Program

Work toward your ideal objective by choosing a goal like Quit or Reduce and when you wish to achieve it; receive your personalised plan.

Step 2

Connect Your Slighter

Use Bluetooth technology to connect Slighter to the app.

Step 4

Review Your Habit

Get a snapshot of your cigarette consumption and learn your smoking patterns.

Progress Phase

Get the guidance and tools you need to stay on track toward your goals. Starting day 8, Slighter will alert you when it is time to smoke. Depending on how well you follow the program, it will gradually reduce the daily amount of cigarettes you smoke. You can adjust the program as you go.

Track Your Habit

Watch your smoking behavior, and see how you can get to your goal over time.

Log Missing Cigarettes

Maintain your cigarette intake by logging missed cigarettes.

Money Saved

Track your money saved since you started using Slighter, and how you got your money back over time.

Measure Progress

Keep track of your progress rate and see where you stand among your peers.

Check Your Stats

Regularly view your daily/weekly/monthly statistics to keep track of your habit and reach your goal. You can check when you cheated, skipped or smoked on time.

Learn Your Triggers

Do you tend to have a cigarette with coffee, a drink, a company of friends or colleagues?

Motivation & Friends

Stay inspired on your journey by sharing stats and challenging friends and family. Begin building your Slighter community -- it is much more fun to quit together! Slighter has a variety of fun tools to help you and your friends stay on track

Connect With Friends

Connect with Slighter friends so you can send motivational messages, share stats, and cheer each other on.


Make sure you see yourself in the top ranks.

Get Notifications

Notifications will pop up on your smartphone to give you a gentle push in the right direction and keep you moving towards your goal.

Community Feed

Check what your friends are up to.

Earn Badges

Whenever you hit a milestone or reach a goal, you’ll receive badges to share and help you stay motivated to earn more.

Challenge Friends & Family

Stay even more encouraged by using your progress to compete with friends and family in Slighter Challenges.

Slighter Color Guide

Green: "Positive"

This is the color you want to see the most.


When you “skip” cigarettes 

When you smoke less than scheduled 


Blue: “Neutral”

When you smoke according to the plan, “on time”

Yellow: “On edge”

When you reach the number of allowed cigarettes per day, but do not exceed them

Red: “Alert”

When you smoke more than what is allowed, “cheat”

White: “New Day”

When you begin a new day

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